Android apps to lose weight

Now you can carry your Calorie meter anywhere with you, since Android market has many awesome apps for measuring calories. So, its much easier to lose weight and control your food habits, than before. You have to enter your age, gender, height, current weight, target weight and sign in with a user name and password. And you are ready to go. You can enter your meals interactively and your android app will tell you, how much calories you have consumed just now. So, i feel, its an awesome and handy way to control your weight. Not just that, you can even put some item and the app will tell you how much nutritious, the item is, and how many calories it has. I think, these are great apps for all ages, but especially for mothers, who are always worried for their kids nutrition.

Calorie Counter:Calorie counter is a great app for health conscious people. As we keep our work up-to-date in the office, Calorie counter helps you to keep your health up-to-date. Its a very user friendly app. 

Using this app, you can - 

Get the Calorie and nutrition information of any food item. Awesome. Means, you dont need to worry about what you are having, anymore. Moreover, using this app, you can choose the most nutritious diet for you and your family. 

You can maintain your own food diary, using this app. This diary will help you to plan your food habits. I think, its an awesome feature. It saves you lot of time, since you can check, previous day what you had, and how did it effect your calorie count.

You can also maintain your own exercise diary, will calculate, how much calories you lost, after your exercise session.

Their is a barcode scanner as a part of this app, using which, you can scan the barcode of any food item, before purchasing it. This will tell you all the nutriotion information of the product, which you scan. This will help the most nutritious items for your family.

This app also provides you with a weight chart, which will allow you to track your weight everyday. So, you can include the food items in your diet, which help you to reduce fat. 

Not just that, it also provides you with a journal, to record your progress.

I feel its an awesome app, since you are getting a lot of features, all in one app. It will keep you fit and also save lot of your time, searching the right food for you and tracking your calorie count.

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