Monday, 26 December 2011

10 Unique ways to reduce fat

1. Drink home made Pumpkin juice (empty stomach) - Every day, morning, drink pumpkin juice made at home, as soon as you get up and brush the teeth. A Doctor recommended that, pumpkin juice helps remove the bad fluids in your stomach, and also reduces weight.  You can start seeing the results only after 48 days. 

2. Never miss a gym class -  If you have joined the gym,  go regularly. After you come to the desired weight, you should not leave doing the exercises  recommended by your gym instructor. I have seen many people who put on lot of weight, after they leave the gym and don't continue the recommended exercises.

3. Play with your kids - Sounds funny, but it works. Playing with your kids not only helps build a healthy relationship between you and your kids, but also helps you burn lot of extra calories.  Running behind them is a really good exercise :)

4. Drink hot water daily (empty stomach) - As soon as you get up, drink one litre of hot water daily. It will literally burn your calories. You can drink as much as you can, unless you have problems with your liver. You can also mix honey with little amount of hot water and have. This also helps reducing fat in the body.

5. Have food at proper time - Doctors say, having food at proper time is more important than the food you have. Breakfast should finish before 9am.  Lunch between 1.30pm - 2.00pm. Dinner between 7pm - 8pm. They also recommend, dinner should be had 2 - 3 hours before you sleep. Huge gaps between meals create gas, which results in overweight. Sleeping immediately after meals also adds to increase the weight.

6. Have a "I can do it" attitude - Determination is more important, than anything else in this world. Look at the mirror everyday and tell yourself, "Yes, I can do it".  Along with determination, self control is also very important. When you see tempting, oily and fatty food, or your favorite dish, you should be able to control your self from eating those things. Similarly, avoid alcoholic drinks and beer. Beer gives you a bad, beer belly. Instead, you can have red wine, occasionally. It keeps your heart healthy.

7. Join dance class - Dance really helps burn a lot of calories. If you like to dance, then what are you waiting for. Go and register yourself today. But, if you are not find of dancing, then you can always go for a "Yoga" class. Yoga helps you in a lot of ways. It keeps you healthy and young, and also, is a great way to release stress.

8. Replace evening snacks with juice -   Between lunch and dinner, there is a lot of time gap. You can have some healthy juices or have fruits, instead of unhealthy snacks. Juices and fruits are best for your health. 

9. Brisk walking before dinner - Walking is very helpful to cure lot of diseases. No wonder we can see 1000s of people doing morning walk. But, did you know, brisk (fast) walking for half an hour, an hour before dinner, reduces lot of fat. So, don't forget to include brisk walking before dinner, in your daily routine.

10. Drink lot of water - Yes, its true. Water helps to reduce fat. Whenever you feel hungry, have a lot of water. In a day, 1-2 liters is a good amount to drink.  Water helps wash off bad fluids and extra fat. Unless you don't have any liver problems, you can have water.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Try these things out. Have a healthy life style. Comments are always welcome.

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